David Lock: Artist of the Month

Artist of the Month August 2020: David Lock, selected and interviewed by Paul Newman. CBP: Collage is key to the construction and narrative of your painting. Your collages and paintings of men have kept the evidence of this construction depicting sliced and … Read More

Joanna Whittle in conversation with David Orme

IntroductionJoanna Whittle’s ‘Between Islands’ is an Arts Council (Developing Creative Practice) funded project working with the Harley Gallery and Portland Collection on the Welbeck Estate. The project and subsequent exhibition explore the relationship between ‘creating worlds’ and ‘creating collections’ and … Read More

Alison Pilkington

Alison Pilkington In my paintings I try to conjure up strange and unsettling worlds where all is not entirely at ease. Humour, the absurd and private jokes abound in strange unsettling landscapes. Bizarre figures are recurring motifs. They frequently make … Read More

Gideon Pain: Artist of the Month

Artist of the Month July 2020: Gideon Pain, selected and interviewed by Paul Newman. CBP: Eclectic. It feels like you’ve built up a repertoire of imagery, motifs and narratives over time, a career. It’s a challenge to condense that into an artist’s … Read More

Day Bowman: Lockdown Video

Plashy Places by Day Bowman “This video was kindly made by a friend who realised that my exhibition at Carey Blyth Gallery Oxford in March had to close after 5 days due to Covid-19. These works were in the exhibition entitled … Read More

Pen Dalton: Artist of the Month

Artist of the Month June 2020: Pen Dalton, selected and interviewed by Paul Newman. CBP: There is an exquisite poise in your painting, between an immaculate sense of design, meticulous production methods and a looser fluidity of paint and spontaneity. An abstract … Read More

Phil Illingworth talks to Maija Liepins

Inside the mind of an artist Maija Liepins from Chapel Arts Studios interviews Phil Illingworth, to accompany the online exhibition Housebound: Week 2; ‘The Bathroom’, curated by Susan Francis.

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