Jenny Eden

Emerging from a process of close making and the complex relationship between two active ‘objects of being’, my paintings embody the potential for visual and psychological oscillation. The exchange between painter and painting arrives at curious and insubstantial ‘part-objects or creatures’ and atmospheric spatial-fields, where ‘thingly’ qualities operate simultaneously on and in the surface. ‘Colour-auras’ and ‘sense-auras’ shape the trajectory of each painting, pursued through a preconscious reverie where decisions made in the process navigate tensions between edge, surface and gesture. The paintings negotiate the complexity of unfolding and never-ending time, registered in their ‘being-ness’ and facture, and in their call for a meditative ‘attunement’ in the process of making and looking.

Jenny Eden (b. 1978, Lincoln, UK) is a painter, writer and lecturer based in the North-West, UK. She received a BA in Fine Art from Birmingham School of Art in 2000, an MFA in Fine Art from Manchester School of Art in 2017 and she is currently undertaking a By Practice PhD in Painting at Manchester School of Art. Jenny lectures in Fine Art Painting at Manchester School of Art on the BA Fine Art and MA Painting programmes. She also co-runs Oceans Apart, a gallery in Salford dedicated to contemporary painting, and she exhibits her own work nationally and internationally.

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