“The new Contemporary British Painting Prize is a brilliant new initiative that holds up a mirror to the wealth of practice and exciting talent alive in the UK painting scene today.” 

Kath Wood, Founding Director of Firstsite, Curator and Arts Consultant

‘The stated aim of Contemporary British Painting is to explore and promote current painting. The subtext to this is giving voice back to the artist, the originator and source of painting. The real discourse around current painting is generated painter to painter and emanates from the studio and not from the boardrooms of institutions, directors’ offices, lecture halls or galleries. This prize is artists submitting themselves to consideration and selection by their peers.’
Simon Carter, co-founder of Contemporary British Painting and lead selector of the CBP Prize 2018.

The Contemporary British Painting Prize Exhibition 2020 will be selected from an open call for contemporary painters currently working in the British Isles. The winner will be selected from the twelve shortlisted painters who will each exhibit three works. The prizewinner will receive £2000, an essay on their work, and an invitation to become a member of Contemporary British Painting as well as a selector for the CBP Prize 2021.

The prize judges for 2020 are TBA

The twelve shortlisted artists will be selected by four painters: TBA.

Key Dates:
Deadline for entries: TBA
Selection of shortlist: TBA
Notification to entrants: TBA

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Please read this page carefully (particularly the Submission Guidelines)  before you make your submission. Also please take a look at the Terms and Conditions and FAQs before contacting us – the answer to your question may already be there. Good luck!

Submission guidelines

Before you start you may want to prepare your submission material first; this will save time and minimise complications when you complete the submission form. You cannot make alterations to your entry after you have submitted.

Please Note

If you are having difficulty making your submission please check that you have completed all fields correctly. You cannot submit your application unless this information is provided.

Deadline for entries: Midnight on TBA

We strongly recommend that you do not leave your submission until the last moment.   

1 Your contact details

We will need your contact details: name, email address, postal address/city/postcode and either a landline phone or a mobile number.

2 Artist’s statement

Please submit a short (100-300 word) statement about your painting practice. You may want to compose it first and then paste it into the box on the form. Please avoid using any complicated formatting or links in your statement as these won’t be retained.

3 Website and social media

You can optionally add the URL of your artist website, along with your Instagram, Twitter and Facebook names if you wish. This will allow us to tag you in social media posts if you are successful in making it through to the longlist.

4 Upload five images

We need images of five individual paintings. Paintings created before 2016 are not eligible. Works cannot be longer than 220cm on any side. The images should be .jpg files of good quality and medium to high resolution. We recommend between 960 and about 3000 pixels width. As a guideline file sizes will probably be up to about 1.5 or 2Mb (maximum per image 3Mb).

Note: If you try to upload too large a file or a file in the wrong format you will see an error message or cause the submission process to fail.  Upload .jpg or .jpeg only – we cannot accept PNG, TIFF, PSD (Photoshop) or HEIC format (i.e from iPhones). The web has plenty of helpful information on how to photograph, re-size and convert your images.

Painting details

We will also need some details about each painting:

  • Title (if the work is untitled please put Untitled)
  • Medium, plus year in brackets eg: Oil on canvas (2019)
  • Dimensions in cm height x width x depth max 220cm on any side.
  • Special hanging requirements if applicable

5 Pay and submit

The submission fee is £20. Payment by bank card is taken on submission through our ‘Stripe’ account. Once your payment has been taken and your form submitted you should see a short confirmation message on screen; you can then click elsewhere or close the browser tab (please don’t use the back button or refresh as this may try to submit a second copy or take another payment!)

6 Confirmations

You should then receive an email from support@cbp-prize.com confirming receipt of your submission. This will include your submission id number. Please keep this as a reference in case of any submission or technical queries.

Within a few moments you should also receive a second email from Contemporary British Painting Prize. This is your receipt for payment which should also be retained for future reference.

You should receive your confirmation email within 30 minutes. Please check your spam folder. If you do not receive the confirmation email please contact …….

Help and Support

If you are having difficulty making your submission please check that you have completed all fields correctly. You cannot submit your application unless this information is provided.


For general questions regarding submission criteria not covered by FAQs please contact ………

 If you are having technical difficulties please see below:


If you encounter problems using the submission form please make sure you are entering all the information correctly and that your images are in the correct file format. Please direct any technical queries to ……..


If your enquiry is about finance or payments please contact Amanda Ansell: ………

Failed payments

If your payment does not go through please contact Amanda Ansell: ………

Q: I live and work in the UK but am not a British Citizen, may I still enter?

A: Yes, so long as your work was produced within the British Isles during or after the year 2016.

Q: I live and work in the Republic of Ireland, may I submit to the ‘Contemporary British Painting Prize’?

A: Yes, so long as you can deliver and collect it as outlined in Delivery and Collection of Works.

Q: I have never lived or worked in the British Isles, may I submit work to the ‘Contemporary British Painting Prize’?

A: No, the ‘Contemporary British Painting Prize’ is designed to promote painting which has been produced in the British Isles.

Q: I would like to apply for your competition but I am a student, am I allowed to apply or is it only graduates?

A: Yes, the competition is open to students as well. We make no distinction between students and graduates during the selection or judging process.

Q: Does the size of the works refer to the framed size for works on paper or should the size only refer to the size of the actual painted image?

A: Please put in the actual painted image size. However if the size when framed exceeds 220cm the work would no longer be eligible.

Q: I have sculpture which is painted, may I submit this?

A: No, we seek painting as defined in the Terms & Conditions.

Q: I am working in video, and have work which explores the nature of painting, may I submit this?

A: No, we seek painting as defined in the Terms & Conditions.

Q: Can I submit work that is not for sale / already purchased?

A: All five paintings submitted must be available for the full duration of the exhibition, in Huddersfield and London (mid November 2019 until mid January 2020). Work does not have to be for sale. If a painting is already in a private collection, the owner must have agreed to the loan of the work for the prize exhibition.

Q: When are artists notified of the selection results?

A: All applicants will receive an email by early October.

Q: When should shortlisted work be delivered to the gallery?

A: Selected artists please deliver work to ……
Weekdays: 7, 8, 31 October or 1st November between 10am – 4 pm
Saturday: 9 October between 11am – 4pm

Q: When is the private view and prize announcement?

A: Saturday 9 November 2 – 4pm

Q: When is the artists talk?

A: Saturday 7 December 2 – 4pm

Q: When should I collect my work from the gallery?

A: Thursday 9, Friday 10, January 2020 between 10am – 4 pm and Saturday 11 January between 11am – 4pm TBC

Please note some details may be subject to change.

Please read the Help Page (particularly the Submission Guidelines) carefully before you make your submission. Also please take a look at Terms and Conditions FAQs before contacting us – the answer to your question may already be there. Good luck!Deadline for entries: Midnight on Sunday 8 September

Artists of any age and nationality, presently living and working in the British Isles (except CBP artist members) may submit work (see FAQs below for further details).

All 12 shortlisted artists will receive a £100 exhibitor’s fee – this is to help with costs for transport and travel. The artists will arrange delivery and of their selected works to Huddersfield Art Gallery in October and collect the paintings from the Huddersfield Art Gallery in January, see FAQ & important dates below (tba)

Works that are for sale are subject to a 33% commission at Huddersfield Art Gallery. Works do not have to be for sale.

The copyright for all works exhibited in The Contemporary British Painting Prize Show 2019 will remain the property of the artist, but it is a condition of entry that the artist or their representatives agree that ‘Contemporary British Painting’ and ‘Huddersfield Art Gallery’ may reproduce any exhibited works, free of charge, for the purposes of marketing, promotion and education in direct connection with the ‘Contemporary British Painting Prize’, in all media worldwide including exhibition catalogue and subsequent publications, posters, prints, postcards, the Internet and within television programmes, and may license these specific, limited rights to others only for the same purposes.

‘Contemporary British Painting’ also reserves the right to reproduce selected images free of charge for purposes such as displaying information on previous exhibitions on the ‘Contemporary British Painting’ website, ‘@paintbritain’ Twitter and Instagram accounts and ‘Contemporary British Painting’ Facebook site indefinitely, as a public record. The processes of the competition may be filmed, and entering the competition constitutes agreement for a painting to be included in such filming, whether broadcast or not.

Work entered must be viewed by the judges as being a painting (a visual artwork produced using a paint medium such as oil, tempera, acrylic, emulsion, enamel or watercolour which once completed results in a physical object). Work need not be framed, however if selected, must be received in exhibition ready condition, (e.g. it must be dry, mounted on stretchers or board and ready to install). Works on paper shall only be accepted if glazed.

Painting Prize 2020