Susan Gunn

“In Gunn’s paintings there is a subtle tension between the golden section formalism of their geometry and the unruliness of the free-form cracking. They each balance control and abandon, deliberation and chance. This is not the frivolous feminine but the ferocious one, celebrating healing from trauma and taking up space, unapologetically…majestically. Her visceral, loaded work has the monochromatic discipline of Robert Ryman and the meticulous abstraction of Callum Innes” 
Curator Cherry Smyth

Susan Gunn received international recognition when she won the Sovereign European Art Prize and is a notable alumni of Norwich University of the Arts. She is based in Greater Manchester.

Gunn has exhibited nationally and internationally in a number of solo and group exhibitions at venues including Norwich Castle Museum and Art Gallery, the Royal Academy, Pulse Miami, The National Museum in Gdańsk, and the Yale Centre for British Art. 

Her work is held in a number of public and private collections around the world including the China Academy of Art Museum, the Madison Museum of Fine Art, the Sainsbury Collection at the Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts, the East Anglian Art Collection held at the University of Suffolk, and the Sovereign Art Foundation, Hong Kong.

Gunn is represented by the Bo.lee Gallery in London and is preparing for a solo exhibition in 2020.

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