Marco Cali

My paintings focus on figurative subjects influenced by renaissance and surreal traditions.  I am interested in the suggestive narrative and compositional subjects that permeate the history of painting and work to create pieces that are contemporary.Pictorial bodies are depicted in a pictorial space.  The figures interact in conflicting ways and the resultant images are influenced by the long history of painting to be an exploration of desires and memories .I am interested in how paint can be manipulated to evoke a body, light or space as well as the conventions that are arise.  There is inspiration from how we encounter and respond to one another in everyday interactions and the many layers of meaning that result.

Marco Calí lives and works in London and Kent. He studied Fine Art at St Central Martin’s and Chelsea colleges of art.  Exhibitions include The Royal Engineers Museum, Tianjin Academy of Fine Art and The Tetley, Leeds.

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