Paul Newman

Paul Newman’s paintings weave together a tableau of motifs including; 18th & 19th-century landscape paintings with 20th century industry, architecture and cinematic monsters like Frankenstein’s and the human fly. 
The imagery also draws from memories and experiences throughout the artists life such as; his father’s Ford Escort van and the museum experience of Romantic era landscape paintings. The work explores themes around relics of heritage, ruin and decay. The characters in the work journey through dreamlike landscapes which are on the periphery change and transformation.

Paul Newman is an artist based in Birmingham. Recent exhibitions in 2023 include ‘Worlds Away; Art & Nature ‘ at mac Birmingham and ‘In Ruin’ a solo exhibition as part of Soup VI artist in residence program at Stryx. Previous exhibitions include; Contemporary Masters from Britain; a five museum touring show in China 2017 and Stage, a solo show at mac Birmingham in 2015. Paul is a lecturer at Loughborough University & Birmingham City University since 2007. Paul has work in permanent collections, including; The New Art Gallery Walsall, The Prizeman Seabrook Collection and the Jiangsu Art Museum in China.

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