Vitalistic Fantasies at the Elysium Gallery is an expanded version of the exhibition originally planned for 2020 BEEP Painting Biennial, featuring works by 51 painters from the artist led group Contemporary British Painting curated by Paula MacArthur and Casper White.

Download the online catalogue with an essay by Dr. Catrin Webster (7Mb).

Artists: Susan Absolon, David Ainley, Iain Andrews, Amanda Ansell, Karl Bielik, Claudia Böse, Day Bowman, Julian Brown, Marco Cali, Ruth Calland, Jules Clarke, Deb Covell, Lucy Cox, Gordon Dalton, Pen Dalton, Lisa Denyer, Natalie Dowse, Nathan Eastwood, Geraint Evans, Susan Gunn, Alex Hanna, Suzanne Holtom,  Marguerite Horner, Barbara Howey, Phil Illingworth, Linda Ingham, Rachel Lancaster, Bryan Lavelle, Andrew Litten, Paula MacArthur, David Manley, Enzo Marra, Nicholas Middleton, Paul Newman, Stephen Newton, Joe Packer, Stephen Palmer, Ruth Philo, Alison Pilkington, Narbi Price, Freya Purdue, James Quin, Katherine Russell, David Sullivan, Harvey Taylor, Molly Thomson, Ehryn Torrell, Judith Tucker, Casper White, Joanna Whittle, Sean Williams.