A catalogue to accompany the exhibition Brentwood Stations of The Cross curated by Simon Carter. Project devised by Fr. Martin Boland Dean of Brentwood Cathedral.

1.  Jesus is condemned to death / David Ainley, 2.  Jesus carries his cross / Freya Purdue, 3.  Jesus falls the first time / Linda Ingham, 4.  Jesus meets his mother / Gideon Pain, 5.  Simon of Cyrene helps Jesus carry the cross / Andrew Crane, 6.  Veronica wipes the face of Jesus / Matthew Krishanu, 7.  Jesus falls the second time / Pen Dalton, 8. Jesus meets the women of Jerusalem / Susie Hamilton, 9.  Jesus falls the third time / David Sullivan, 10. Jesus is stripped of his garments / Ruth Philo, 11. Jesus is nailed to the cross /  12. Jesus dies on the cross / Marguerite Horner, 13. Jesus is taken down from the cross / Susan Gunn, 14. Jesus is laid in the tomb / Alex Hanna, 15. Jesus rises from the dead / Simon Carter

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