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Summer Exhibition 2016 Catalogue

A catalogue to accompany the exhibition Summer Exhibition 2016 with introduction by Freya Purdue. Artists: David Ainley, Claudia Böse, Day Bowman, Emma Cameron, Simon Carter, Jules Clark, Lucy Cox, Andrew Crane, Pen Dalton, Lisa Denyer, Sam Douglas, Annabel Dover, Natalie Dowse, Wendy … Read More

Slippery and Amorphous Catalogue

A catalogue to accompany the exhibition Slippery and Amorphous curated by Wendy Saunders and Paula MacArthur. Artists: Phillip Allen, Simon Carter, Nadine Feinson, Paul Galyer, Paula MacArthur, James Petrucci, Alison Pilkington, Wendy Saunders, Ilona Szalay and Mimei Thompson. Download the catalogue.

Colour: A Kind of Bliss Catalogue

A catalogue to accompany the exhibition Colour: A Kind of Bliss curated by Lucy Cox and Freya Purdue. Artists: Julian Brow, Lucy Cox, Jeff Dellow, David Manley, Andy Parkinson and Freya Purdue. Download the catalogue.

Brentwood Stations of The Cross Catalogue

A catalogue to accompany the exhibition Brentwood Stations of The Cross curated by Simon Carter. Project devised by Fr. Martin Boland Dean of Brentwood Cathedral. 1.  Jesus is condemned to death / David Ainley, 2.  Jesus carries his cross / Freya Purdue, 3.  Jesus falls … Read More

Documentary Realism Catalogue

A catalogue to accompany the exhibition Documentary Realism: Painting in the Digital Age curated by Robert Priseman (founder of CBP) and essays by Sophie Cummings and Paul O’Kane. Artists: Nathan Eastwood, Natalie Dowse, Nick Middleton, Alex Hanna, David Sullivan, Katherine Russell, … Read More

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