“Although only in its first year, the Contemporary British Painting prize has drawn 631 entries of outstanding quality from both emerging and well-known artists and has set a benchmark for the nation.”

Anna McNay, Art writer, London

Contemporary British Painting Prize 2016

Cathy Lomax was announced the prizewinner receiving a £2000 purchase prize with her painting ‘Black Venus’ entering The Priseman-Seabrook Collection of 21st Century British Painting, an essay on her painting practice written by Paul O’Kane (member of the Association Internationale des Critiques d’Art and regular contributor to Art Monthly), a solo exhibition at Swindon Museum and Art Gallery and an invitation to join Contemporary British Painting and to be one of the selectors for the CBP Prize 2017.

The 15 shortlisted artists for the finalists’ exhibition were:
Louis Appleby, David Auborn, Aglaé Bassens, Karl Bielik, Katrina Blannin, John Brennan, Lindsey Bull, Nick Carrick, Dan Coombs, Gordon Dalton, Marielle Hehir, Cathy Lomax, Kate Lyddon, Mandy Payne and Paul Smith

All 15 painters exhibited at Contemporary British Painting Prize 2016 exhibition which took place at The Riverside Gallery, Richmond Museum, London from 10 September – 22 October 2016 and Huddersfield Art Gallery from 5 November – 28 January 2017.

Download the catalogue.
The catalogue includes an introduction by Robert Priseman as well as paintings by all 15 artists.

Robert Priseman, Founder of ‘Contemporary British Painting’ said: “I am delighted with the selection by our judging panel of Cathy as our inaugural painting prize winner, not only is she a superb painter, but she is also a central figure in British painting and someone who has done so much for others. Her painting ‘Black Venus’ is an intriguing and stunning work which explores both the material qualities of paint and it’s political possibilities.”

“There can be no better, more sensitive or more serious way than ‘The Contemporary British Painting Prize’ to discover and assess the exciting new directions being taken by painters in Britain today.”
Michael Peppiatt, Art Critic and Curator, Paris

The 15 shortlisted artists were selected by a group of practicing painters: Simon Burton, Nathan Eastwood, Terry GreeneSusie HamiltonMatthew Krishanu and Freya Purdue.

The prize judges for 2016 finalists were: Michael Peppiatt (owner and publisher of Art International 1985-1995 and since 2010 board member of the Palazzo delle Esposizioni, Rome), Amanda Geitner (Senior Curator of the Sainsbury Centre, 1998-2015 and Director East Anglian Art Fund), Paul O’Kane (member of the Association Internationale des Critiques d’Art and regular contributor to Art Monthly), Grant Scanlan (Huddersfield Art Gallery) and Sophie Cummings (Curator of Swindon Art Gallery and Museum).

The Riverside Gallery, Richmond Museum, London
10 September – 22 October 2016

Huddersfield Art Gallery, Princess Alexandra Walk, Huddersfield HD1 2SU
5 November – 28 January 2017

Download the press release.

We would especially like to thank Mark De Novellis and Rachel Tranter at Richmond Museum for offering us the initial backing of space with the small and beautifully formed Riverside Gallery to help us kick start the prize; Grant Scanlan at Huddersfield Art Gallery for the second venue in the tour, and Sophie Cummings at Swindon Museum and Art Gallery for providing a host venue for the winner’s solo show.

Most of all though, we would like to thank each and every painter who has submitted to the prize. For without all of their support we would not have had such an amazing pool of talent to draw from. It has been an immense pleasure to see such a rich diversity of work.

“Painters! I know you feel the pride, romance and difficulty of that self-description. The great painting – elusive, impossible record of human touch – remains the dream and summit of the visual arts today just as it has always done. Extravagant? Maybe, but I mean it.” 
Christopher Le Brun, President, Royal Academy

“It has been an amazing and rewarding experience for me to observe the creation and the evolution of Contemporary British Painting – as a concept, as an organisation and now as an award, the Contemporary British Painting Prize. The commitment and unfailing enthusiasm of Robert Priseman and his colleagues shown in the course of this evolution – all with the single purpose of re-establishing painting as the greatest and popular art medium in the contemporary art world – are truly impressive and deserving of praise. I’ve had the pleasure of reviewing the draft catalogue of the works of the Contemporary British Painting Award finalists and have been impressed by the depth of the subject matters and the variety of styles. I can say that the vitality in painting in Britain today is hard to ignore – fresh, engaging and highly individualistic works bring one to realisation that an art medium once considered too traditional and predictable has – with the help of truly devoted artists – made its way back into our contemporary minds and hearts.” 
Elena Dranichnikova, Art Collector, Moscow

“In an era when technologies increasingly pervade contemporary arts, The Contemporary British Painting Prize reasserts once again the vital role and profound value of painting, inviting a public rediscovery of the (unplugged) power that can flow from the end of a brush joining color to surface, in an act of seduction practiced today as it ever was.” 
Francis Di Tommaso, Gallery Director, SVA New York

“The Contemporary British Painting Prize offers us fresh and exciting perspectives on the new, dynamic and idiosyncratic trends being taken by painters in Britain today.”
Jessica Twyman, Director, Art Exchange

“All painting is about something, be it physical, philosophical, conceptual, metaphysical or to tell a story. Let us hope that all paintings contain something within what Brice Marden calls, ‘that incredibly intense rectangle’ and that we as viewers respond existentially, aesthetically and with humanity.” 
Stephen Snoddy, Director, The New Art Gallery, Walsall

“Painting as a medium may be unique in that it is capable of combining direct and visceral form and simplicity of means with the chameleon-like ability to take on the complex associations of every other area of human culture, expression and thought. The new ‘Contemporary British Painting Prize’ is a very welcome opportunity to celebrate and broadcast this, and the current vitality of Painting in Britain is affirmed in the range and quality of painting that has been selected.” 
Jeffrey Dennis: Artist and Senior Lecturer in Fine Art at Chelsea College of Arts, London

“The new Contemporary British Painting Prize is a brilliant new initiative that holds up a mirror to the wealth of practice and exciting talent alive in the UK painting scene today.” 
Kath Wood, Founding Director of Firstsite, Curator and Arts Consultant

“A much-needed showcase of contemporary British painting. We hope it will endure for years to come .”
Mark De Novellis, Curator of Exhibitions and Collections, Orleans House Gallery, Richmond