Stephen Newton

The critic Mel Gooding described my painting as a ‘psycho-conceptual project’. The New York critic Donald Kuspit stated in an essay: ‘The detached, oddly mournful tone and subliminal pessimism about human relationships evident in Newton’s pictures suggests that he is no longer protesting his loss and beyond despair, but has settled into defensive detachment and accepted the void in his life, that is, come to terms with the emptiness he feels’.

1971 B.A. Leeds University.  1986 M.A. Fine Art, Nottingham Trent University.  1993  M.A.(distinction) Art and Psychotherapy, University of Sheffield. 1998  Ph.D  The Psychoanalysis of the Creative Process, Dept. of Psychiatry, University of Sheffield.  2000  Elected Visiting Professor of Painting Theory, University of Northumbria.

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