Membership to Contemporary British Painting is by invitation only, to painters working in the United Kingdom. Membership is reviewed annually and new members are considered through nomination by current members. CBP members are eligible to nominate new members based on a consideration of their recent and current work. The selection committee sits once a year. Membership criteria include the quality of the artist’s work and their potential energy and commitment to contribute to CBP’s activities. In addition, the winner of the Contemporary British Painting Prize each year is automatically invited to become a member. It is important to the membership that CBP is actively committed to equality and diversity, and this is reflected in our constitution. If you are interested in joining the CBP the best way to start is by submitting work to the Contemporary British Painting Prize and to develop relationships with existing members and the organisation. We encourage painters  who are interested in joining the group to sign up to our newsletter, connect with us on social media and visit our exhibitions. Any painter can submit their work, free of charge, for Painting of the Day.

Please see here to view current members in the group.