Gideon Pain

Gideon Pain’s art derives from a delight in the world around, a play on the mundane and every day that we slip through on our way to somewhere else. It is about collective moments, some tragic some euphoric, when the sharing of an experience gives significance to something unnoticed. These quiet revelations bind nurture and reassure us in a world that quickly passes. Paint, in a digital age is a slow inaccurate and clumsy medium, making it perfect for capturing and re-contextualising this fragile transience

‘The paintings are about moments and instances. They do not represent singular events but are fragments of some ongoing narrative that have been reordered to a new conclusion. Through this I hope to acknowledge the loss of time and embrace the possibilities that memory offers. By picking up these pieces I hope that the viewer can share in this process.

Gideon Pain was born in Wiltshire in 1967. He currently lives in Cambridgeshire and works in London. Studying painting at Gloucestershire College of Art and The University of Reading his practice now consists of both 2 and 3 dimensional work. He is a founding member of Cambridgeshire’s ‘Summer at the Beach’ organisation, which aims to promote artists and increase access to art in rural communities.

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