Bryan Lavelle

Bryan’s work is an investigation into the properties of his chosen materials and the process of painting.

Bryan’s work has no layers of hidden meaning or narrative waiting to be uncovered, nor does it elude to be anything that it isn’t; through making external references outside of the work itself. Bryan see’s his role as an artist; as a facilitator, that is he brings together, materials and process (MDF, paint and gravity) and allows a dialogue to to take place.

Through his choice of materials and the use of gravity to ultimately make the mark, he is able to make abstract paintings that become self referential, questioning only themselves as artworks. Through subverting the viewer’s attention in this way, from seeking narrative that may not necessarily be there; the only conceivable narrative within his work becomes the materials and the process itself.

Bryan Lavelle studied BA Visual Art and MA Fine Art Painting at Winchester School of Art. His work can be found in numerous private and public collections including Yantai Art Museum, China and Madison Museum of Fine Art, Georgia, USA. Bryan has exhibited throughout the UK, including consecutive years at the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition in both 2018 and 2019. Bryan has also exhibited his work in the USA, China and Poland.

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