Barbara Howey

Barbara Howey’s work over the last 3 years has focused on human destruction of the landscape brought about by the effects of industrial waste, fracking, agrichemicals and recently Solar Radiation Management. A series based on water pollution caused by the mining industry called “Poisoned Idylls” featured in an exhibition with eco-poet Anne Fisher Worth at Sheffield University in 2017 and subsequently were shown at Groundworks Gallery in Kings Lynn in 2019. Paintings based on the effects of the fracking industry were shown at the University of Brighton in 2019 in an exhibition called “Let’s Talk About the Anthropocene” which focused on fracked landscapes in the US and Lancashire. Howey has also been working on some cloud paintings which explore the controversial use of Stratospheric Aerosol Injections which are thought to induce cloud dimming to curb global heating.

Barbara Howey’s first degree was in painting at Leicester Polytechnic in 1991. She then studied for an MA in Feminism in the Visual Arts at Leeds University in 1992. She completed a practice-based PhD in 2001 at Norwich University of the Arts. She has shown Nationally and Internationally and has had work featured in The John Moores Painting Prize, The Lynn Painter-Stainer Prize and PS Mirabel Painting Open. She completed a 3-month International Residency in Norway at the Norsk Kunstnercentre, Dale in 2018. She also co-edited a volume of Journal of Contemporary painting called “Commitment in Painting” in 2017. She works and lives in Norwich, Norfolk.

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