Angelina May Davis

Angelina May Davis’s paintings are fabrications, plundering imagery from childhood TV and art history. She is interested in thinking about the past and what shapes us, using the transformative act of painting to reflect on history and culture as well as her own sense of belonging.

Davis revists the rural English landscape of the 1970s, restoring the English elm as depicted in remembered films, archival footage and English landscape painting, as metaphor for loss and longing, recalling a nostalgic and insincere past. Her paintings are claustrophobic worlds in which there is ambiguity, artifice and the possibility of
things just out of view.

Angelina May Davis graduated with a degree in Fine Art Painting in 1988 from Coventry Lanchester Polytechnic and completed an MFA at UCE in 1998. Throughout those years she was involved in setting up and running various collaborative artist studios in Birmingham. Raising a family from 1997 she moved her practice to the dining table for 10 years before beginning to make large paintings again in a studio from 2007. In 2020 she began the Turps Banana Correspondance Course, completing 2 years. She had 2 large paintings included in Bloomberg New Contemporaries 2021 and Blue Elms was acquired by the Government Art Collection. She reached the 2nd round of John Moores in 2020, was shortlisted for the Jacksons Painting Prize in 2020 and 2021, and her large scale watercolour ‘Pond’ was selected by Juliette Losq for the Outstanding Water Colour Prize in 2021. She is represented by Division of Labour.

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