Amanda Ansell

Amanda Ansell is interested in pared-down elemental forms, seeking a synthesis between her impressions of a moment and her movement captured in liquid paint. Her paintings focus on gesture, rhythm, light and transparency to convey emotion and a personal experience of being in a place. Aspects of the work suggest things lost and discovered, the season and the time of day. Through her process of building up gestural films of paint, synchronised swirling lines and self-similar arrangements continue on a path to the infinite. By working towards a formative harmony, Ansell is seeking to give a new, often purely abstract form, to the environment around her.

Amanda Ansell, born in 1976, attended Norwich School of Art and Design 1995 – 1998 to study a BA(Hons) in Fine Art Painting and was awarded an Arts and Humanities Research Scholarship to study her Masters in Fine Art Painting at The Slade School of Fine Art, 1998 – 2000. After living in London for eight years, Amanda returned to Suffolk when invited to be an artist in residence at Firstsite, Colchester. She has exhibited widely with exhibitions at the National Museum of Gdansk, APT Gallery, Huddersfield Art Gallery, and The Royal Academy Summer Exhibition. In 2018, Amanda received a British Council travel grant to participate in cultural exchange activities and exhibit a series of watercolours in Yantai, China. Her paintings are in international public and private collections including Swindon Museum; Yantai Art Museum, Gissings Collection, London; East Contemporary Art, and the Priseman Seabrook Collection.

Amanda currently lives and works on the Suffolk Essex border.

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