Abigail Hampsey

Abigail sees the relationship with the rural landscape around her; full of its folk lore, its peoples and its histories as special… but not unique. In exploring her own environment Abigail seeks to use this as a lens in which to reflect the ongoing loss of British wild spaces, agricultural landscape and the rural way of life as a whole. Therefore although being quietly personal to herself, the paintings aim to take on a more trans regional role in reflecting an unfortunately common theme of loss.

Abigail Hampsey is a painter from Lancaster in the north west of England and a co-founder of the artist led project Minutes_on. Hampsey completed her BA in Fine Art at Newcastle University in 2019 and has recently completed her MA from the Royal College of art (2020).

In this time her work has been exhibited at the Holden Gallery and workplace gallery as well as multiple group shows around London and the UK. Abigail has also spent time at the British school at Rome being awarded the Foreshaw Foundation Residency and was the recipient of The Basil H.Alkazzi Scholarship Award for painting.

Abigail is also an academic and tutor at Newcastle University where she teaches. Although primarily focussed on the materiality and process of oil paint, Abigail also has a sustained drawing practise and is one half of an artist’s duo with fellow painter Georg Wilson.

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