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Darkness at Noon Catalogue

A catalogue to accompany the exhibition ‘Darkness at Noon’ curated by Ruth Calland and with essays by Nick Medford and Stephanie Moran is available to download. If you would like to purchase a hard copy (£10 including postage within the UKA4) … Read More


Supernature brings together five painters who make paintings that could be considered, in part, a contemplation of mankind’s relationship with nature, calling into question what we actually mean when we talk about ‘nature’. In an age where this relationship appears … Read More

Molly Thomson: Artist of the Month

Artist of the Month October 2021: Molly Thomson, selected and interviewed by Paul Newman for CBP. Molly Thomson’s work concerns the performance of the painting as an object, using the conventional painting panel as a springboard for action and a vehicle for thought. … Read More