Painting as Terrain

The Crypt: 19 January – 25 April 2019

In a recent solo exhibition of the work by Mary Corse at the Lisson Gallery in London, the curator writes that “Corse combines a philosophical quest for the portrayal of the infinite [with the belief that] humans experience reality through an externally subjective lens, maintaining that there is nothing static in the universe.” Continue reading

A Road not Taken

The Crypt: 16 June – 6 September 2018
Painting and the metaphor of the journey.

A Road Not Taken is a ‘journey’ of encounters that explores the idea that artists offer us abstractions of experience. By considering the physical act of painting in terms of a journey, the art object describes or embodies the inner territory through which the artists navigate. The art object functions as evidence for a ‘place’ visited, seen and experienced. 

Continue reading

The Landscape of Time

13 January – 29 March 2018
Curated by Antonia Jackson

This exhibition, hosted by Contemporary British Painting, brings together artists Helen Bermingham, Tom Down, Susie Hamilton, Antonia Jackson, Nicole Price and Ed Saye who explore the idea of time and memory through their painting practice ranging from the figurative to the semi abstract. Continue reading

Testcard P

30 September 2017 – 11 January 2018
Curated by Marco Cali


Iain Andrews, Amanda Ansell, Louis Appleby, Richard Baker, Karl Bielik, Day Bowman, Marco Calí, Ruth Calland, Lucy Cox, Pen Dalton, Natalie Dowse, Fiona Eastwood, Pippa Gatty, Susan Gunn, Susie Hamilton, Alex Hanna, Marguerite Horner, Barbara Howey, Phil Illingworth, Matthew Krishanu, Bryan Lavelle, Andrew Litten, Cathy Lomax, Paula MacArthur, Enzo Marra, Keith Murdoch, Cara Nahaul, Paul Newman, Gideon Pain, Ruth Philo, Barbara Peirson, Narbi Price, Freya Purdue, Katherine Russell, Wendy Saunders, Stephen Snoddy, David Sullivan, Harvey Taylor, Ehryn Torrell, Fionn Wilson, Sean Williams. Continue reading