David Manley

David Manley has been living, working and making abstract paintings in the East Midlands for nearly forty years now. He has exhibited widely including Tokyo, Japan and in Germany, Italy, Portugal and half a dozen other European countries including our own. His most recent solo shows took place at the New Court Gallery, South Derbyshire and the Angear Gallery at Nottingham’s Lakeside Arts Centre.

He says of his work, “I’ve been wedded to the idea of abstraction in art ever since my student days back in the late 60’s. Although I have recently been making paintings that draw upon basic geometry and, in trying to complicate the structures, inspired by fifties interior design and 50’s & 60’s USA jazz. But my search for both meaning and form will often see me pursuing wildly differing ideas for content, stylistic structures and approaches to materials and methods. Consequently there really isn’t an identifiable ‘brand’ to my practice”.

contact details
David Manley
t. 07808 938349
e. profdavid_manley@me.com
w. www.davidmanley.co.uk