Harvey Taylor

Harvey Taylor graduated from Winchester School of Art in 1993. His work has been regularly selected for the Eastern Open in Kings Lynn and in 2011 he won the Wyss Foundation Painting Prize. He combines his painting practice with a teaching post at the Sixth Form College in Colchester.

He has developed a labour intensive painting process whereby each painting can take up to two months to complete. He starts with a photographic image which he breaks down using a grid. A mask is then placed over the image so he only sees a small portion of the image at the time. He then aims to meticulously and objectively build up a painting from very close observation of these pieces. The distance he places between the photographic image and the painting enables him to stay focused and work over a long period of time on a piece of work. The subject is usually close family members however he has also started to develop a parallel theme in his work, using local woodlands and the sea as a starting point. These spaces are analysed in the same objective manner but allow the artist to detach himself from the need to replicate a particular person and instead focus on the paint. He is influenced by the work of Malcolm Morley, Chuck Close and Gerhard Richter.

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Harvey Taylor
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