Katherine Russell

Katherine Russell has exhibited extensively in London with a recent solo show at the A&D Gallery 2014 and Battersea Park, London 2011.

She describes her work as an ‘attempt to deconstruct a fraction of the mass media imagery which we encounter on a daily basis. In doing this I aim to capture a particular moment, more specifically the feeling within that moment which will allow a deeper contemplation and penetration of the inevitable associations, both objective and subjective.

In this way I hope my painting questions what real meaning these images hold for us, not just as non-discerning mass consumers, but instead, in a personal and emotional way. By doing this what often results in the finished works are images which on the one hand may appear at first glance superficially familiar, but which on the other, are ultimately imbued with a new emotional understanding.’

Painter to painter

contact details
Katherine Russell
t. 07921257651
e. mollerkatherine@gmail.com
w. www.katherinerussell.com