James Quin

In James Quin’s recent work the history of genre painting and its tropes are under scrutiny. The work has been described by artist Phyllida Barlow as the ‘depiction of other people’s experiences’, an insight that elucidates the sense of distance that seems to inform/dog Quin’s work. This ‘distance’ in Quin’s work mirrors that of appositely named Quinn in Paul Auster’s City of Glass: “Quinn knew nothing about crime. Whatever he knew about these things, he had learned from books, films and the newspapers. He did not; however consider this to be a handicap. What interested him about the stories he wrote was not their relationship to the world but their relation to other stories.”

James was born in 1962 and currently lives and works in Liverpool, studied Fine Art at Sheffield (BA) and Newcastle (MFA) and is currently PhD research student at Newcastle University. Recent group shows include the Marmite prize for Painting ,Cave Art (Liverpool Biennial) and the Creekside Open. He was prize winner in the Liverpool Art Prize and nominated for the Northern Art Prize.

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James Quin
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