Testcard P

30 September 2017 – 11 January 2018
Curated by Marco Cali


Iain Andrews, Amanda Ansell, Louis Appleby, Richard Baker, Karl Bielik, Day Bowman, Marco CalĂ­, Ruth Calland, Lucy Cox, Pen Dalton, Natalie Dowse, Fiona Eastwood, Pippa Gatty, Susan Gunn, Susie Hamilton, Alex Hanna, Marguerite Horner, Barbara Howey, Phil Illingworth, Matthew Krishanu, Bryan Lavelle, Andrew Litten, Cathy Lomax, Paula MacArthur, Enzo Marra, Keith Murdoch, Cara Nahaul, Paul Newman, Gideon Pain, Ruth Philo, Barbara Peirson, Narbi Price, Freya Purdue, Katherine Russell, Wendy Saunders, Stephen Snoddy, David Sullivan, Harvey Taylor, Ehryn Torrell, Fionn Wilson, Sean Williams.

Saturday 30 September 2017 to Thursday 11 January
The Crypt, St Marylebone Parish Church, 17 Marylebone Road, London, NW1 5LT

2018 Mon – Fri 9am-5pm, Sat 9am-4pm*

Private View: Tuesday 3 October, 6-8pm

Panel Discussion: Friday 17 November, 3-5pm


Over the last few years, Contemporary British Painting has staged a program of exhibitions in the crypt of St Marylebone Church, one of the aims has been to provide a forum for discussion on current painting practice.

As underlined in the recent group show Anything Goes? at Art Bermondsey curated by Anna McNay, the one thing that characterises contemporary painting is that each artist pursues a very individual practice. Gone are the days when ‘isms’ gave us useful labels by which to identify an art movement as defined by a group of artists. Instead current painters borrow, beg and steal from every imaginable source in service to the art to which they are devoted. Alongside this, each artist, painter or not, engages in an ongoing dialogue with her or his peers, of which there is a vast pool both historically as well as currently. This dialogue takes place in as many ways as there are of approaching the making of art, from direct copying to responses alongside or in opposition to someone’s work. In any case, the very nature of painting is one of putting in the hours in whatever serves as a studio, a hermit-like pursuit in front of a flat surface. Each painting produced with this intention, is itself a strong statement that adds to the mix and then seeds others in turn.

With this in mind, the theme of this exhibition is works that the artist feels are something new or different with their own practice over the year. These are not necessarily ‘finished’ as such, but instead provide stimulus to a discussion as to what has happened over the last twelve months. As such, they might be sketches, drawings or indeed completed canvases.

The new or different area of practice could well be a radical departure or indeed very slight. In either event, the purpose of this exhibition is not necessarily to showcase completed works that might be considered ready for sale in the usual sense. Instead, the artists have very generously opened up their practices and have invited us to experience something that they feel is worth discussing.

Contemporary British Painting is a strong community and this is a great opportunity to see what normally does not leave the studio. It gives a chance to be with the artist and view, meet and discuss what is happening right now.

* Occasionally the Crypt closes for private meetings, you can phone ahead to check the times on 020 7935 7315 or 07809 330592