A Celebration of Painting

A Celebration of Painting: From a Conversation with Joanna Whittle
An essay by Griselda Pollock

Joanna Whittle was the winner of the 2019 Contemporary British Painting Prize. This essay, by Griselda Pollock (Professor of Social and Critical Histories of Art at the University of Leeds), has been published in the CBP Prize 2019 exhibition catalogue. The essay forms part of the prize.

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A Moral Life: Place and Memory – The Work of Narbi Price

Written by Nicholas Usherwood

Narbi Price was the winner of the 2017 Contemporary British Painting Prize. This essay, by writer and critic Nicholas Usherwood, has been written to accompany his solo exhibition ‘All I start will end‘ at the Herrick Gallery (26 – 30 March 2019). The essay and the exhibition form part of the prize.

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Colour: A Kind of Bliss

Essay by Andy Parkinson

In 2017 the exhibition “Colour: A Kind of Bliss” brought together six British painters concerned with different approaches to the use of intense energy and luminous qualities of colour. Through varying densities of paint and chroma, saturation and de-saturation, their paintings realise direct emotive forms resulting in both subtly and vibrancy. Painting for these artists working in the field of abstraction/non-figuration is a synthesis of ideas, drawing and colour. Continue reading

Depth of Field

In this short article David Page looks at and into the picture space, considering the depth behind, in and before the surface of the painting…

By David Page


What we used to call Modern Art has set itself a number of problems. Perhaps ‘problems’ is also a misnomer, because they do not entail absolute solutions. One of these ‘problems’ then is the depiction or creation of space before, behind or on the picture plane itself.

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