Artist resources

A variety of artist resources, guides, reference material, including funding and health & wellbeing information for artists

ACE funding has changed. More guidance here.

Creative Scotland supports the arts, screen and creative industries across all parts of Scotland, distributing funding from the Scottish Government and The National Lottery. Learn more

Arts Council of Wales funding has changed: Learn more

The Arts Council of Northern Ireland is the main support for arts organisations and artists, offering a broad range of funding opportunities. Learn more

The AGBI financially supports professional artists in need and their dependents living in England, Wales or Northern Ireland who cannot work or earn due to accident, illness or older age. Learn more

Funding your work: crowdfunding and patronage platforms on A-N Learn more

The Artist support pledge, instigated by Matthew Burrows on Instagram. Artists pledge to sell work for no more than £200 and when they reach £1,000 in sales they pledge to buy another artists work for £200. On Instagram using the hashtag #artistsupportpledge as well as on other social media platforms.

Unlimited is an arts commissioning programme that enables new work by disabled artists to reach UK and international audiences. Learn more

A-N guides: looking after your mental health:
guidance and support
experiences and strategies

Rachel Dobbs’ Self Care Checklist for Precarious Workers. Rachel also offers other practical and useful guides and resources Learn more

Artists’ Union England offers professional support and access to resources. Learn more

Legal resources and practical guidance Learn more

Through advocacy and information and from the perspective of artists, a-n’s mission is to stimulate and support contemporary visual arts practice and affirm the value of artists in society. Learn more