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Contemporary British Painting Summer Exhibition 2016
40 artists celebrating 40 years of Quay Arts

David Ainley | Claudia Böse | Day Bowman | Emma Cameron | Simon Carter | Jules Clark | Lucy Cox | Andrew Crane | Pen Dalton | Lisa Denyer | Sam Douglas | Annabel Dover | Natalie Dowse | Wendy Elia | Paul Galyer | Terry Greene | Susan Gunn | Alex Hanna | Marguerite Horner | Barbara Howey | Phil Illingworth | Matthew Krishanu | Bryan Lavelle | Paula MacArthur | Enzo Marra | Monica Metsers | Nicholas Middleton | Paul Newman | Kirsty O’Leary-Leeson | Ruth Philo | Freya Purdue | James Quin | Katherine Russell | Wendy Saunders | David Sullivan | Ehryn Torrell | Judith Tucker | Julie Umerle | Sean Williams

Contemporary British Painting would like to thank Georgia Newman and her colleagues at Quay Arts for their help and support and for hosting the exhibition; Wendy Saunders and the advisory panel at CBP for their continued dedication and hard work; all the artists who have provided the paintings for the show; Natalie Dowse for designing the catalogue and all our publicity material; and of course Freya Purdue for conceiving, planning and organising the exhibition.

30th July – 15th October 2016
Preview: Saturday 30th July, 3pm – 5pm
Panel Discussion: Sunday 31st July, 2.30pm

Download the catalogue here

The West Gallery, Quay Arts
Sea Street, Newport Harbour, Isle of Wight PO30 5BD
Gallery Open: Monday to Saturday 10am – 4pm
Admission Free

Karl Bielik

Karl Bielik lives and works in London. His paintings have been in numerous shows at home and abroad, including The 2016 John Moores Painting Prize, The Royal Academy Summer Show, The Contempo-rary British Painting Prize and The London Open. Of his work he says “I am an abstract painter I work on canvas, linen, panels…

Alison Pilkington

Alison Pilkington Lives and work in Dublin and London and is currently completing a PhD in Fine Art Practice – Painting at National College Art and Design Dublin. In 2012 she was awarded a British Institution Award for painting at the Royal Academy Summer Show London. She was selected for the Marmite Painting Prize, London…

Mary Webb

Mary Webb was born in London in 1942. She studied Fine Art at Newcastle University under Richard Hamilton and Victor Pasmore from 1958-63 and was a Hatton Scholar from 1962-63. She undertook postgraduate studies at Chelsea School of Art from 1963-64. Past exhibitions include the John Moores 1974, Serpentine Summer Show 1974, Royal Academy Summer…

Fiona Eastwood

Born in Rochester in 1983 Fiona Eastwood studied at Camberwell College of Arts, London, 2011 – 2014. Previous shows include Irminsul You are Lost Perrotts Folly, Birmingham, 2011, The Vault Shoreditch Town Hall, London, 2013, The Provisionals (curated and exhibited in) The Asylum Peckham, London, 2013, Contemporary British Painting, The Priseman-Seabrook Collection, Huddersfield and @Paint…

Marguerite Horner
in conversation with Claudia Böse

“I still use the white of the canvas to come through the layers, because that’s how paints work, that is how you get air… if I painted a black, the black never had any air in it, it was dead, so then I would go and look at old masters, and if you go really close you find you can see the grain of the canvas it’s actually put on very thinly, the thickest part of that canvas will be the white highlights…” Marguerite Horner considers the many influences on her work in this wide-ranging interview with Claudia Böse.

The Landscape of Time
Curated by Antonia Jackson

This exhibition, hosted by Contemporary British Painting, brings together artists Helen Bermingham, Tom Down, Susie Hamilton, Antonia Jackson, Nicole Price and Ed Saye who explore the idea of time and memory through their painting practice ranging from the figurative to the semi abstract.

Colour: A Kind of Bliss
Curated by Lucy Cox and Freya Purdue

Julian Brown | Lucy Cox | Jeff Dellow | David Manley | Andy Parkinson | Freya Purdue

“Colour is a kind of bliss . . . like a closing eyelid . . . a tiny fainting spell.”  Roland Barthes

Tuesday 5 April – Friday 30 June 2017
Mon-Fri 9am – 5pm, Sat 9am – 4pm*

The Crypt, St Marylebone Paris Church, 17 Marylebone Road London, NW1 5LT*
Occasionally, The Crypt closes for private meetings; you can phone ahead to check times:
020 7935 7315 or 07809330592

Private View: Tuesday 11 April 6 – 8PM
Panel Discussion: Friday 9 June 3 – 5PM
Download the catalogue Colour: A Kind of Bliss here.
Colour: A Kind of Bliss brings together six British painters concerned with different approaches to the use of intense energy and luminous qualities of colour. Through varying densities of paint and chroma, saturation and de-saturation, their paintings realise direct emotive forms resulting in both subtly and vibrancy. Painting for these artists working in the field of abstraction/non-figuration is a synthesis of ideas, drawing and colour.

In the vast expanding digital world, we have become entranced by momentary glimpses of virtual light and colour, unable to arrest or capture fast moving, subliminal and evanescent experiences. This relationship has become a new condition for the human spirit, perhaps a kind of bliss in its own right, somewhat disconnected from nature. The screen distraction separates us from the power of colour in the natural world and our instinctive awareness and sensibilities of perception; encountering fleeting images of light is not the same as experiencing the contemplation of colour in the physical world. This polarity is conveyed in a number of ways.

Some artists express the meeting and departure between virtual and physical spaces, and the playful possibilities of optical illusion; others retreat into memories, music or philosophical and mystical thought, occasionally slipping back into physicality and the processes of seeing and understanding. All of these concerns embody colour as a kind of bliss, a never-ending kaleidoscope for both the painter and the viewer.

Text written by Lucy Cox and Freya Purdue

Julian Brown lives in Brighton and works in London. Brown studied at Liverpool John Moores University (1993-96) and the Royal Academy Schools (1998-2001). He has exhibited nationally and internationally and is a member of Contemporary British Painting. Recent exhibitions include ‘We Live Now’, Candida Stevens Gallery, Chichester (2017) and  ‘A Sense of Wonder’, York College Gallery (2016). Brown was long-listed for the John Moores Painting Prize (2016) and shortlisted for the Marmite Prize in Painting IV (2012). 

Lucy Cox studied at Wimbledon College of Arts (2013-2015); she lives and studies in London. Exhibitions include ‘Geometry: Wonky and Otherwise’, Deda, Derby and ‘Piercing the Veil’, Simmons & Simmons, London (2015). Cox is showing in the forthcoming ‘Contemporary Masters from Britain’, Yantai Art Museum, Jiangsu Arts and Crafts Museum, Artall and Nanjing, Jiangsu Art Museum, Nanjing (2017). She is a member of Contemporary British Painting and has work in The Priseman Seabrook Collection.

Jeff Dellow lives and works in London and has been painting for over thirty years. Dellow studied at St Martins School of Art (1968-69), Maidstone College of Art and Slade School of Fine Art (class of 1974). National and international exhibitions include The John Moores Painting Prize (1976 and 1989; 1991 prize winner), The London Group Open (1988 and 2015), ‘Window’, Pluspace Projects, Redditch, ‘Conference of The Birds’, Iklectic, London (2015) and ‘Colour and Otherness’, Grace Teshima Gallery, Paris (2014). Dellow has a forthcoming solo show at The Cut, Halesworth (2017) and is a member of The London Group (since 2015).  

David Manley lives and works in Kegworth, Leicestershire. Manley’s solo and group exhibitions include ‘All of My Senses at Once’, Harrington Mill, Derbyshire (2016), ‘[about] Painting’, Castlefield Gallery, Manchester (2014) and ‘Deadly Delicious’, Tarpey Gallery, Derby (2013). His curatorial projects include ‘Happy Little Fat Man – the art of Kevin Coyne’, (2014) and ‘Geometry: Wonky and Otherwise’, Derby (2014/15). Manley’s work is held in The Priseman Seabrook Collection.

Andy Parkinson lives and works in Nottingham. Exhibitions include ‘Abstractions’, Line Gallery, Stroud (2017), ‘Echo Spectrum’, Trestle Gallery, Brooklyn, New York (2017), ‘Imperfect Reverse’, Camberwell Space, London (2016); ‘Summer Mix’, Turps Banana Gallery, London (2015) and ‘Generator’, Kaleidoscope Gallery, Sevenoaks, Kent (2015). His work is held in The Priseman Seabrook Collection.

Freya Purdue lives and works on the Isle of Wight. Purdue studied at St Martins School of Art (1978-81) and Chelsea School of Art (1981-82); subsequent awards include the Digswell Arts Fellowship and the Boise and Villers David Travelling Scholarships. Purdue has exhibited nationally and internationally; Kettle’s Yard, Cambridge, Gimpel Fils, London, L.T.G. New Delhi and Galeria Stara Bwa, Lublin. She is a member of Contemporary British Painting and has work in The Priseman Seabrook Collection, and is showing in the forthcoming ‘Contemporary Masters from Britain’, Yantai Art Museum, Jiangsu Arts and Crafts Museum, Artall, Nanjing and Jiangsu Art Museum, Nanjing (2017).
For sales and enquires, please contact Lucy Cox, and Freya Purdue,

With thanks to: Contemporary British Painting, St Marylebone Parish Church & Natalie Dowse (flyer and catalogue design)

Wendy Saunders

Wendy Saunders is an Australian born artist living in London. Her paintings are predominantly series of female heads in close up, often without features but with the explicit intention of provoking a deeper intuitive response that goes beyond simple interpretation. Her work reflects her broad interest in how one intuitively ‘reads’ faces from fleeting impressions…

Marguerite Horner

Marguerite Horner was born in Lincoln. After completing her B.A. in Fine Art in her twenties, she was offered two solo exhibitions,  at The Mappin Art Gallery Sheffield and Usher Art Gallery Lincoln. Art historian and critic Professor Frances Spalding CBE reviewed these exhibitions in ‘Arts Review’ writing ‘The intrigue of her work depends partly…