Barbara Peirson

Born in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Barbara Peirson trained as an actor and spent many years touring in the UK and abroad eventually settling in the Essex coastal town of Wivenhoe.

Perhaps it is because of her roots in the theatre that a sense of implicit narrative pervades her painting albeit elusive. “My work in theatre is often more concerned with ideas and language, through painting I am aiming to capture something that can’t be pinned down, understood or put into words.”

Though essentially a painter of landscapes, her paintings often draw upon half-remembered images perhaps from plays, imagined characters, moments caught in time and forgotten fragments of text, these are then fused with the environment that surrounds her – the mud flats, water meadows, big skies and sea.

Barbara’s work can be seen regularly in Cambridge Contemporary Art Gallery and Haylett’s Gallery, Maldon and is held in collections at: Falmouth Art Gallery, Cornwall; East Contemporary Art Collection; Contemporary British Painting; Priseman Seabrook Collection; Swindon Art Gallery; Ham Yard Hotel, Piccadilly, London.

Painter to painter

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Barbara Peirson
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