Sue Kennington

Sue Kennington is a painter whose work explores the limits of how colour alone can be used as a visual language, embedding the material into esoteric systems, repetitions and asymmetries. Her new work takes her investigation into painting as an agent of light using colour juxtapositions, into new areas, leaving enough unsaid to engage the viewer in filling in the gaps.

The overlapping planes and quality of light radiating from the chosen colours is derived from Kennington’s experience of place—both in her current location in a remote part of Italy and the urban environment she still thinks of as home—it is a constant theme of absence and presence represented abstractly. In shapes and in line, topographies and local colour are recalled, during a process that remains open to pictorial invention and intuitive speculation. Kennington’s paintings evolve from an encounter between rational and intuitive thinking, switching between perception and conceptualization, acknowledging the thorough connectedness between artist and environment, rural and urban, system and chaos.

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Sue Kennington