Silvie Jacobi

Born in Werdau, Germany, Silvie Jacobi describes her work as being based on German historical references and my curiosity around them as a “post-reunification child”. She is fascinated by how our perceptions about discipline and hierarchies have changed; and how gestures of people, architecture and public spaces can portray this.

“I use historical photographs and documents from family archives to establish the content for my work. Instead of developing sketches, I analytically research elements in my sources that signal an instinctive meaning and aesthetic transferability to me. This is a non-rational inductive process, where the process of imagination is highly important to develop new links and contexts. I believe that analyzing, interpreting and newly imagining my sources somehow connects me with the people and situations that I portray – however romantic this may sound in an art world that is increasingly concerned with looks, quantitative values and impersonal concepts.”

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Silvie Jacobi
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