Wendy Saunders

Wendy Saunders is an Australian born painter living in London. She started painting in 2010 on an Art & Design Foundation at CityLit Institute.

Her work reflects her broad interest in how one intuitively ‘reads’ faces from fleeting impressions and the subtle combination of features, even if they are largely absent or covered, that contribute to human expression.  Subjects are often drawn from news and other social media and reflect her current interest in women and society. She has been selected for Threadneedle Prize 2013, the Open West 2014 and exhibited in various group shows. In February 2015 she organised and co-curated DISTURBANCE, a nine woman show and was one of eleven painters making up the exhibition Documentary Realism – Painting in the Digital Age and book of the same title.

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Wendy Saunders
e. wendymsaunders@gmail.com
w. www.wendymsaunders.co.uk