Freya Purdue

Freya has been the recipient of a number of awards including the Junior Fellowship in Painting at Cardiff School of Art, the Digswell Arts Fellowship and the Boise and Villers David Travelling Scolarships. She has exhibited with Gimple Fils Gallery London, Kettle’s Yard, Cambridge, Vimonisha Gallery, Madras, L.T.G. New Delhi, Galeria Stara Bwa, Lublin, and Christies, London.

She describes her paintings as ‘Inhabiting the border between abstraction and figuration and have their basis in exploration through seeing and engagement with the tactility of the process. I draw on a wide range of sources from the most obvious classical themes in painting to the subtlety of philosophical and mystical thought. In making paintings I am absorbed in the discovery of an energized sense of connection and consciousness between things that are emerging from that which is hidden into that which is seen.’

contact details
Freya Purdue
t. 07905 164031