Paul Galyer

Paul describes his painting as ‘covering both representational and abstract work and more often than not now combines the two. Most recently I have employed fragmentary photorealist elements that are worked into one another to produce new ambiguous forms and fields. This is also combined with mark making and other painting techniques, sometimes in sympathy sometimes in juxtaposition to the rendered imagery.

Digital manipulation and images of paint and other liquids deal both with painting about painting as object and subject, and invoke themes of process in nature. The distinction between abstraction and representation is for me a semantic one as we abstract forms out of totality in the act of perception. In my most recent work I seek to refer back to that totality via a multiplicity of forms that can be read to some degree as meaningful and related, but hopefully escape a final fixedness of interpretation. This ambiguity is intended to convey a perpetual state of becoming, a dynamic equilibrium. The function as a parallel or metaphor for nature in the absolute. As process not object, eternal recreation from timeless archetypal motifs, an unending dialogue between the conservative and the creative.’

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