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Pen Dalton’s work as an artist spanned feminist and working class interventions from the 1970s to 1990s. Work from this period can be seen in The Women Artist’s Archive, The Victoria and Albert Museum, Musee D’Affiches, Paris, The Working Class Movement Library and in her many publications.

Her recent paintings are informed by semiotics: the intentional or accidental elements in paintings: the colours, tones, textures, shapes – made by different techniques, tools or mediums – act as signifiers: they remind us of something else. It is almost impossible to avoid art history’s conventional codes, but Dalton’s practice consists of juxtaposing signs of pictoral representation in ways that interrupt or at least render equivocal conventional interpretations.

Pen’s recent paintings have been shown at The William Morris Gallery, The Winns Gallery, Walthamstow, The Tokarska Gallery, Huddersfield and Norwich Art Galleries and are in private collections including the Priseman-Seabrook Collection, Swindon Art Gallery and Komechak Art Gallery.

Pen was educated at Goldsmiths Art College, Brighton University and Plymouth University – where she gained a PhD in Creative Studies. She now lives and works in London.


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