Claudia Böse

Claudia Böse was born in Nueremberg, Germany in 1963 and trained at Central St. Martins and the Royal Academy Schools in London. Her awards include the International Bursary, Arts Council Ireland; Travel Grant, European Cultural Foundation for residencies in Ireland and Poland (2007). She was the recipient of the Firstsite bursary award (2012) and the blog based Reside Residency and show ‘About Painting’ at Castlefield Gallery in Manchester (2014) as well as being a collaborative artist of ‘Obscure Secure’, a project supported by the Arts Council England. Her work has been exhibited in London, Oxford, Birmingham, Manchester, Berlin, Neukölln, Freiburg, Valparaiso and Miami.

She says of her work ‘My paintings are constructed through process. Feelings and emotions are also important and I am often struck by what an amazingly old and complex world it is we live in. Most of my paintings reflect and reference the tiny things of our built environment, the minutiae of our surroundings, the surfaces and atmospheres which seem somehow to matter.’

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Claudia Böse