Exhibitions at St. Marylebone London

Open call for Curated Group Painting Exhibitions 2017-18

Contemporary British Painting run a programme of intimate group shows which explore ideas around the relevance of painting in the digital age in the crypt, St. Marylebone Church, London. We are inviting proposals from artists for future exhibitions.

Your proposal should include (but not limited to) the following:

  • Clear title of the exhibition
  • A clear theme
  • A list of painters to be included – please include their websites
  • Images of work to be in the exhibition
  • A text (500 words min) that discusses the context of the exhibition and shows a potential to develop an essay – It is our aim that essays will be available and published about the exhibitions on the website
  • Provide details of any proposed associated activities such as Opening Reception/Private View, Artists Talks etc.
  • Your contact details

Notes and guidance

Exhibitions at the crypt can take 10 medium size paintings, or 8 medium and 1 large size work, or 24 small works with comfort. The crypt has security cameras at the entrances and is open from 9.00am to 5.00pm Monday to Friday and 9.00 – 4.00pm on Saturdays. The crypt is a working space within the Church and is used for meetings or other church activities and may be closed to the public during these periods. There is wheel chair/lift access to the Crypt. The space feels very friendly, and is lovely and quiet away from the noise of London above! Inside the crypt there are 8 alcoves, 4 on the right wall and 4 on the left wall. Each Alcove measures 2 meters wide with a height from the picture rail to skirting board of 176.5cm. One end wall is taken up with an altar and is where tables and drinks are placed for private views. The back wall measures 3 meters 60cm wide with the same height as the alcoves. There are also a further 2 alcoves, again 2 meters wide, within the corridor which approaches the crypt. We strongly recommend that painter curators visit the space so that they can understand the context and logistics. Hanging is by picture rail, so paintings should be either framed with wire or strung across the back of the canvas.

This is an historic building so the walls cannot be drilled into, chipped or in any other way damaged, nor can items be stuck on the walls or pillars. Loading and unloading of paintings is possible by car/van on the slip road in front of the church, as the car park at the side is usually fully booked. By foot, St. Marylebone is a 4 min walk from Baker Street underground station and has a view directly over to Regent’s Park. Artists will need to take out their own insurance cover for the duration of the exhibition to cover any theft, accidental damage and public liability. Public liability is required but it is up to the artists about insurance for the artworks. (In the UK) you can take out public liability with a-n (Artist Newsletter) with AIR membership, http://www.a-n.co.uk/ this costs around £36 or with Axisweb. http://www.axisweb.org/ You can enquire further through these providers for artwork insurance cover.

Exhibitions should be self-financing, self-installing and include a minimum of five painters, preferably these should be a mixture from within the CBP group and other painters. You will need to arrange and supply refreshments for the opening reception or talk. There is no charge for the use of the space., however commission of 25% from exhibition sales to go to the St Marylebone Parish Church.

Proposal Process

Please send proposals to: xmarcocalix@yahoo.co.uk These will then be sent to the selection committee. We may be in touch to seek further information regarding proposals if you have submitted an outline proposal but have not fully worked up all theV ideas/essay and or confirmed all the painters etc.

St. Marylebone Parish Church
17 Marylebone Road London NW1 5LT
t. 020 7935 7315 or 07809 330592.
w. http://www.stmarylebone.org/