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Requests for artists talks, loan exhibitions and donations of art
We warmly welcome invitations by all institutions for artists talks and loan exhibitions. We also welcome all requests for donations of art by our member painters to museums internationally, whether these are to be partially or wholly funded. Since 2013 over £1,000,000 worth of paintings have been donated to art museums in the UK, Europe and USA including The University of Arizona Museum of Art, Falmouth Art Gallery, Komechak Gallery Chicago, The Schneider Museum of Art, Swindon Art Gallery, The Madison Museum of Fine Art, Rugby Art Gallery and Museum, Abbot Hall Art Gallery and the establishment of the East Contemporary Art Collection in Ipswich.

Proposals for exhibitions at the Crypt in St Marylebone
We welcome exhibition proposals by artists and curators for shows specifically on the subject of painting. These should come accompanied by a critical text setting out the aims and ideas of the proposed show and images of all works to be included. If accepted for exhibition, the critical text should be available for Contemporary British Painting to publish on our website and @paintbritain. Whilst most subjects are acceptable for the crypt, imagery deemed to be of a sexual nature will be excluded. Exhibitions should be self financing and include a minimum of five painters. Further information is available on this downloadable pdf .

All requests are considered by our peer group of painters and should be addressed by email

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