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Forum for Discussion of Contemporary Painting

PaintUnion was established in 2013 by Liz Elton and Rebecca Byrne as a forum for artists to meet and discuss contemporary painting. These discussions are open to all. To date we have invited a variety of painters whose interests are spread across the scope of current painting practice to discuss their work in an informal environment. Recently we have asked two curators to come and talk about their curating practices and curating contemporary painting. The group is unfunded.

We are particularly grateful to Griffin Gallery for hosting us.

To find out more email: PaintUnion

Blog: PaintUnion Blog

Paint Club London
Forum for discussions on Painting

Paint Club is an informal network open to anyone with an interest in contemporary painting. Painting here is regarded as an expanding field, but still relating to its own specific histories and traditions. Paint Club activities publicly explore and debate what it means to ‘research’ painting within the context of contemporary art practice.

They aim to put on one or two events each year that respond to the concerns and interests of the membership. Founded by painters working in the colleges of the University of the Arts London, affiliations are being established with other institutions both in the UK and world-wide.The first public event, The Processes of Painting, was held in June 2009 at the Swedenborg Society Hall in Bloomsbury, London.

Paint Club was founded by artists Rebecca Fortnum (Middlesex University), Jeffrey Dennis (Chelsea College of Arts), Mick Finch (Central St Martins), Dereck Harris (Wimbledon College of Arts) and Daniel Sturgis (Camberwell College of Arts)

Website: Paint Club London

Paint Club East
A forum to discuss contemporary issues in painting

Paint Club East enables critical debate about contemporary painting through a programme of talks by leading national and international painters.

Led by painters Barabara Howey, Bev Broadhead and Molly Thomson.

Website: Paint Club East

Courbet’s Tent
Belfast based painting forum

Courbet’s Tent is about the locations and contexts of painting practice. Its premise is that paintings always have a double life: they may hold worlds within them, but at the same time may exist in places that change their perceived content.

This duality in painting, how its reception can be altered by location and context, is the key area of investigation in Courbet’s Tent. Proposals for essays, from practitioners, academics or anyone interested in this field, are welcomed.

Website: Courbet’s Tent

Journal of Contemporary Painting
Edited by Rebecca Fortnum

The Journal of Contemporary Painting combines peer-reviewed scholarship, particularly that emerging from practice-based research, with new writing and visual essays by academics and practitioners.

The Journal is aimed at a broad readership encompassing academics, critics, writers, artists, curators and the gallery-going public.

Website: The Journal of Contemporary painting

Painters’ Table
Edited by artist Brett Baker

Painters’ Table is a daily online magazine for artists, curators, collectors, and art goers specifically interested in painting.

Painters’ Table also highlights online writing about painting from around the web as it is published.

Website: Painters’ Table

Two Coats of Paint
Based in NYC, produced by artist Sharon L. Butler

Two Coats of Paint shares reviews, commentary, news, and background information about painting and related subjects. Has been sponsored by many organizations, including the Museum of Modern Art, The Whitney Museum, the Pulitzer Foundation and the New York Studio School.

Website: Two Coats of Paint

Turps Banana
Magazine published by painters

An independent magazine about painting, made by a small group of painters based in London. Established in 2003, they like to expand on arguments around their own work and the work of other painters who interest them. Published annually.

Website: Turps Banana

Abstract Critical
Critical forum for abstract art

A site with essays and discourse by a panel of abstract artists and writers. Over 400 published notes and articles, including reviews, interviews, films, opinion pieces and associated comments are archived here. is a follow-on site with essays and discourse by a panel of abstract artists and writers, many of whom contributed to Abstract Critical whilst @AbstractCrit tweet news, reviews and opinion.

Website: Abstract Critical